Barnidge: Plan Bay Area marches on, despite torrent of criticism

It will be years before anyone knows if the vision laid down by Plan Bay Area produces its desired results — smarter development, more affordable housing, less traffic congestion, reduced greenhouse gases — but no waiting is required for its opponents’ assessment.

Bay Area’s Controversial Growth Plan Approved

Over the heckles of hundreds of residents opposed to higher density and the two regional planning agencies making the decision, the Bay Area’s growth plan designed to cut carbon emissions 15% by 2040 through better planning was approved.

Plan Bay Area Passes in a Room Full of Paranoid Conservative Activists

Plan Bay Area, the 25-year regional development and transportation funding strategy, was approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments last night.

Plan Bay Area Adopted

Nearly six hours after the beginning of the public hearing on Thursday, July 18, the boards of the Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Committee voted to adopt Plan Bay Area, an unprecedented regional strategy for creating sustainable communities throughout the Bay Area. This is a huge win for the future of the Bay Area.

Sweeping Plan Would Limit Sprawl in Bay Area Communities

Regional planners are voting on a new land use plan for the Bay Area on Thursday evening. Plan Bay Area, as it’s known, is designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions 15 percent per capita over the next 20 years by focusing development in zones close to downtown areas and transit hubs.

We are the 84%: Support final Plan Bay Area July 18

A recent public opinion poll of over 2,500 Bay Area residents from all nine counties reported that 84% of respondents believe a regional strategy for creating sustainable communities, like Plan Bay Area, is important. The final plan is up for adoption by the ABAG and MTC boards on Thursday, July 18. So where do we stand?

Bay Area Agencies Push for Less Eco-Friendly Plan

Two powerful regional agencies are moving forward with a housing and transportation plan that they admit is inferior to one backed by environmental and social justice groups.

Plan Bay Area comment period ends—final plan July 18

That’s a wrap, folks! The last of the Plan Bay Area public meetings happened on Wednesday, May 1 and the formal public comment period closes today, May 16. We’ll update you with what’s next, but first, here are a few highlights from the comment period.

Plan Bay Area offers a solid vision

Greenbelt Alliance was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Click through to read Executive Director Jeremy Madsen’s op-ed about our region’s strategy for creating sustainable communities, Plan Bay Area.

Plan Bay Area: What’s good, what’s bad, what’s next

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: The draft of Plan Bay Area, our region’s comprehensive land-use and transportation plan for the coming generation, has been released. From now through May 16, residents can provide feedback on the plan. Keep reading for Greenbelt Alliance’s take on the plan.