San Francisco 1900 Diamond Street: 24 New Homes Approved

The San Francisco Planning Commission approved Glen Park’s 1900 Diamond Street project with a 7-0 vote! This is a key milestone to providing more housing in the community as well as funding for affordable homes in the city. Learn more about 1900 Diamond Street here.

La Vista Residential Project: 176 New Homes Approved

The Hayward City Council approved the La Vista Residential Project by Eden Housing and The Pacific Companies’ (TPC), an infill and mixed-use development that will feature 100% affordable homes (176), a new school, and a new public park. Learn more about the La Vista Residential Project here.

San Mateo’s Peninsula Heights: 291 New Homes Approved

The Peninsula Heights project was approved, bringing much-needed climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented—homes to the South Bay! This new development will transform four commercial buildings and their surface parking lots into a residential development providing 291 townhouses in San Mateo. Learn more about Peninsula Heights here.

Broadway Plaza in Redwood City: 520 New Homes Approved

Broadway Plaza was approved in Redwood City, a revitalizing project to the city’s Broadway corridor that will transform an auto-oriented shopping center into a people-focused space mixed with 520 new homes, office, retail, childcare, and walkable public pathways intersecting across the project’s 11+ acres. Learn more about Broadway Plaza here.

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