Gilroy Enacts First Voter-Protected Urban Growth Boundary

Greenbelt Alliance’s goals for smart growth and open space protection won a resounding victory when the citizens of Gilroy enacted their first voter-protected urban growth boundary.

What Is Sprawl Development?

Sprawl development is the outward expansion of low-density housing units on the outskirts of cities and towns, far from transportation and commercial centers.

Danville: Fierce Backlash Fueled by Developer’s Plan for Edge of Open Space

Amid the open spaces of this rural area east of Danville, a developer wants to build houses on a relatively small parcel of land — 30 acres — and has scaled back his proposal over several years to appease neighbors.

Sebastopol Renews Urban Growth Boundary

On June 7 (Election Night), the Sebastopol City Council unanimously adopted the citizens initiative to renew the city’s urban growth boundary (UGB) for 25 years, maintain existing boundaries, and add strengthened policies. Greenbelt Alliance jump-started the renewal process to prevent the UGB’s voter protections from expiring and partnered with the City Council, city staff, and advocates to write and pass the renewal measure.

Sebastopol Citizens Pushing to Renew Urban Growth Boundary

A group of motivated activists in Sebastopol is making strong headway on collecting signatures for a ballot measure to renew the city’s voter-approved urban growth boundary (UGB) before it expires at the end of 2016. Greenbelt Alliance and other open space enthusiasts are supporting the UGB renewal and assisting the citizens group.

Cotati Renewing Urban Growth Boundary Early


The City of Cotati in Sonoma County plans to renew its urban growth boundary (UGB) with a city-sponsored ballot measure in the November 2016 General Election. See the timeline for public review and voter approval of the ballot measure.

What Are Urban Growth Boundaries and Why Do We Need Them?

An urban growth boundary (UGB) separates urban areas from the surrounding natural and agricultural lands, or greenbelts. It puts a limit on city expansion.

Sebastopol Must Renew Urban Growth Boundary

The Sebastopol City Council has unanimously decided to renew its voter-approved urban growth boundary (UGB) before it expires at the end of 2016, but residents will have to help make it happen. Greenbelt Alliance is partnering with civic leaders and local organizers to finalize and pass a new urban growth boundary measure that will promote smart growth, affordable housing, and prevent sprawl for another 20 years or more.