June 11, 2009

Land use affects global warming

An editorial in the San Jose Mercury News urges everyone to make the land use-climate change connection: “…how we lay out the streets, how close together we place the homes — affects global warming.”

Mercury News: San Jose sets example

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said San Jose must strive to grow in ways that will attract creative residents who will keep Silicon Valley at the forefront of technological innovation. That goal, he said, means keeping the city an enjoyable, beautiful place to live.

Call for Regional Coordination of Land Use and Transportation

appears a consensus is forming among local governments that building more livable and sustainable communities is an immediate priority. At a conference in San Francisco yesterday, elected officials from across the Bay Area, along with business, housing, development and transportation groups, called for a coordinated land use and transportation planning strategy to account for the nearly two million more people projected to live in the Bay Area by 2035.

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