A Vision of Fire-Safe Communities in Sonoma

Building fire-safe communities helps ensure only nature will need to recover after wildfires.

Sonoma County’s Fire Recovery Plan, which will guide rebuilding in the county, could help lead to the growth of more fire-safe communities.

Vote YES on Measure N, the Santa Rosa Housing Recovery Bond

Measure N would help create more homes in Santa Rosa

Unfortunately, voters in November 2018 did not pass Measure N, the housing recovery bond that would have fueled the construction of new homes in Santa Rosa.

California Votes YES on Proposition 2

Sunrise in the Bay Area, where the homeless population would benefit significantly from California Proposition 2

In November 2018, California voters said YES to Proposition 2, which helps house homeless individuals living with mental illness.

California Votes YES on Proposition 1 to Bring New Homes to the State

California Proposition 1 will help spur construction of new homes people can afford across the state

In November 2018, voters across California approved Proposition 1, which provides $4 billion for badly needed housing across the state.

Vote YES on San Mateo County’s Measure W

San Mateo County's Measure W would help fund SamTrans

This November, Greenbelt Alliance urges you to vote yes on San Mateo County’s Measure W, which creates a new source of funding for public transit.

Vote YES On Measure V for Affordable Homes in San Jose

Measure V in San Jose unfortunately fell short of approval in November 2018, depriving the city of badly needed funding for homes people can afford.

Berkeley Votes YES on Measure O to Support Homes People Can Afford

In November 2018, voters in Berkeley said YES to Berkeley’s Measure O, approving funds for the preservation and development of homes people can afford.

Sonoma County Votes YES on Measure M—Parks for All!

Sonoma County voters said YES to Measure M, the Greenbelt Alliance endorsed measure which provides funding for parks in open spaces, cities, and towns.

East Bay Cities Vote YES on Measure FF for East Bay Parks

Measure FF helps the East Bay Regional Park District maintain Bay Area treasures like Tilden Regional Park

In November 2018, East Bay cities voted YES on Measure FF, ensuring continued funding for the wonderful open spaces of the East Bay Regional Parks District.

Big Win in Antioch: 1,200 Acres of Sand Creek Protected

Our initiative will let Antioch voters decide the future of Sand Creek.

On August 28, the Antioch City Council protected 1,400 acres of of land from development, an important win in the fight against Contra Costa County sprawl.